Another Pair Bites The Dust

As an adult I have never been so hard on shoes!!
Remember these:

And these:

So funny how in the last 4 plus years I literally wear them til there are holes in them!!!

For instance! Look at todays lovely pick!


These are my Friday shoes.

I sat down with my work buddy and he got a good laugh! 😁😜

So I guess these are done huh?

Do you go this far?  Maybe the full moon and Friday the 13!




4 thoughts on “Another Pair Bites The Dust

    • Thats so true! I got my moneys worth to be sure! They aren’t Converse they are Levi, and I got them at TJ Maxx years ago! Again I hear Taps!

      Love your blog! Xoxo

  1. I have a favorite style of Reebok that I can only find online from them, so I always wait until the send me a 20% coupon before ordering. Good thing I had because last week, I found myself using super glue to repair the heel on my old ones – I finally had to pitch them. Darn, because they were so comfortable. 😁 Enjoy your weekend,

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