Frugal Cooking

Happy Weekend!!

I shared with you that I planned to make Orange Bread and after work I got a burst of energy, so I baked some.

The middle dropped!  I never had that happen before but oh well, its still yummy.  I think cause the temp fluctuated.

Yesterday on my lunch I went to the market for a few things and picked up some fresh cranberries for 99 cents a bag.  Now in the freezer!  I was going to put them in the bread but I used up some dried plums that were dated in my cupboard instead.  I will make another batch with the crans soon.

Loving being able to turn on my (crappy as it is) oven because of the colder weather.  I just have to really watch the temp when baking!  Its a horrible oven!

While at the market I picked up some day old buns for 99 cents and this:

I was rooting around tryng to find a roast but everything was over my 2.00 a pound limit! Then all of a sudden this little baby was sitting in the middle of the bin of expensive cuts!  JUST FOR ME.

I just put this, onion and a little garlic powder in the crock on high for a few hours.

We will have bbq pork!  Done.

The other half of the onion will go in my rice,  made with chicken broth, onion and butter!  #kidlovesit!

Just staying home today, actually all three days this weekend.

There is an awesome flea market not far from here but there is no money for that!  Why does it always seem like there are such great frugal opps when you cant spend?!  Oh yeah…  cause I suck at planning.

I am working full boar on getting my brother paid back.  I can’t stand owing him a penny!!! I will eat ramen morning, noon and night until that is done.

I want to craft a little, iron some clothes, do my nails, trim kids hair, do 2 more college apps and chill.

Hope they get this mess done soon.


5 thoughts on “Frugal Cooking

  1. We just had BBQ pork in the crock pot too. I didn’t think it was going to turn out well because it was a pork loin, but it was delicious. I had a blackberry bbq sauce in the freezer I had made this summer. Yumm…

    • That sauce sounds delish! I have to watch bbq sauce cause there is so much hfcs in most if them☹️☹️☹️

      Nice to see you Tahoe girl! Hope you are feeling well! Xoxo

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