Home!  Not Spending a Dime!

Love it!!!!  Love when days go by when I don’t spend!  Only because there are many days I don’t have a choice, its not all about me!

So this post is another chit chat post! 

Right now I am drinking my coffee and getting ready to play.

Not long ago, At the dollar tree I picked this up:

I add it to my low acid coffee to stretch it.  Per ounce is it cheap?  Idk, it was cheap at the time and delish.

I am hanging with you and Gracie:

For now, then I will go play with this:

And these gifted punches:

I want to add to this book:

This is gonna have to wait:

Omg!  Thats one week!  Its so gross!  Too bad, so sad!  I made my bed, did the dishes and the floors can wait.  Ok I did sweep and mop the kitchen!

The patio is coming along!

You guys!  Its only gonna help me sell to have a new clean patio!!!  Thats exciting.  I plan to get rid of lots of my plants so it stays clean and looks big.

Did I tell you I joined a Junk Journal group!  I am swapping with a lady in Tasmania Australia!  So excited!  Go look up Junk Journals. Hard to explain.  But this is it:

Almost done!  I think its gonna be expensive to send so I am trying to keep it light!  But its kinda fun!  I chose a swap in the US for my next one.  Cheaper fun!

Lets see what else?  Oh I made my kid apply to 2 more schools.  Just to have more options.  Its so hard waiting for the coaches!  I have no idea what the date if I don’t hear by them is!

The bbq turned out delish so we have that, I plan in making my rice and taking some already cooked chicken out of the freezer.  Payday is weds but groceries are not on the list.  I already spent 40.00 on Friday for pork and eggs, etc.  Which reminds me, gotta boil some up.

Hope you are staying in and all is well your way!  




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