Happy Martin Luther King Day

I hope we all can reflect on how far we have come and how far we have to go and the fact that we are teetering on turning our progress backwards as a nation.  In the words (TWEET) of our greatly admired and esteemed President Elect, SAD.   OMG!

John Lewis Is my hero!

Ok moving on.

Yesterday was productive!  Yay!  It was a play day!  

I got my swap very close to done and ready to send to Australia!

Now I just have to wait for payday to send it.

Then I made myself an altered composition book:

I use it for notes and lists!  

I also finished using my paste papers to alter another book for myself.

It took all day and I loved it!

It takes a lot if time and I realize when I retire I will never be bored. I hope to get a part time job to keep myself plugged in.

My kid got a call from another coach last night, they chatted about 45 minutes.

Today I am dusting and cleaning.  Another day of no spend and staying home.  If I lived alone I bet I could go weeks without spending.  I have learned so much in this process!  

I hope you have a good day!  I hope the tweets are few and the actual conversations many.




2 thoughts on “Happy Martin Luther King Day

  1. I loved Obama’s speech where he said if you’re tired of arguing with people on Facebook, actually talk with them. So true that the more “connected” we become, the more disconnected we are. John Lewis’ book is really selling on Amazon after the tweet. I have hopes that those of us who believe that a great nation is a kind nation, and is a tolerant nation will join together. So many lessons still to learn. Have a great day!

    • Seems like everyone PE goes after does pretty good.

      I am so not watching! Its still a free country. I am being kind to myself! Lol

      Hope the weather is clearing up for you?


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