MazdaRati Fine For Me

Pics from my hike on break today: 

So nice and cool out – pretty
We made it to Thursday and tomorrow is supposed to be my day off,  thats not gonna happen.

I really need the money.

I was thinking today how freaking sad it is that we all work so hard all our lives only to be poor later in life!  Wtf?  

Something is so wrong with this whole deal right?

But look what some morons do with there income:

A quick story!  One chick where I work drives a freaking Mazerati!  Right?  Now I know its not really hers, its a lease!  But she can’t even afford her own apt!  She rents a room!  Tell me, should she have a freaking Mazerati?!

Now yesterday everyone was leaving and another chick climbed into a BEAUTIFUL JAG!  Brand new and OMG GEORGOUS!

Now neither of these chickybirds make more than I do.  Neither are management either. WTF?  I never would do that even when I could.

Its funny!  I am older by a few years and if I could, I would tell them how stupid it is to spend that kind of money on payments and insurance.

But we are not close, so I will keep my opinion to myself and YOU!

I will happily climb into my Mazda(rati) and limp on down the road.  When I do have to buy a new car,it won’t be new or fancy!  It will be used and practical!  I got nothing left to prove.

Speaking of used… I am so glad I didn’t buy new furniture.

As it turns out, I think Gracie may have pee’d on my sofa when she was sick.  I am thinking another used one when I can in the future.

But first I gotta get my car fixed and get the tires replaced.

One thing at a time.

Heavy sigh.




2 thoughts on “MazdaRati Fine For Me

  1. I’m with you. So glad that at this point in my life when I see a fancy car I think, STUPID, instead of I wish I had that. Beautiful pics on the hike. Hope Gracie girl is getting better.

    • Hi Kim! It is so pretty here when it gets green and its not so hot!

      Gracie is feeling better but I think my couch has seen better days now. I will try to clean it though, this weekend. I hate to have to buy another one.

      I see fancy things and I am the opposite of inpressed, borderline repulsed!

      I have changed!

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