Like I Have Nobody

I have this:

And these:

And I think I am gonna need a lot of both!


Its not just the inauguration   thing, theres more… but the only person I can (could) confide in was my mom!

I miss her today more than ever.

Ok this to shall pass!




4 thoughts on “Like I Have Nobody

  1. Hi Debtgirl…I’m so sorry…sounds like your mom was a special person. I wish I had as close a relationship with my mom as yours sounds. You’re right, things will be ok, just hang in there. Hugs to you from over here!

  2. When I need it, I read over again a really good book by Pema Chodren “When Things Fall Apart” helped me thru a lot. And yes tomorrow is always another day!

    • Thank you! I have her of her. Buddist I think. I will look for it.

      I let of some steam and feeling a bit better but now I gave myself a headache! Lol

      Tomorrow is another day!

      Xoxo thank you!

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