Two Things That Last

Hi guys!  Its been a great Sunday!  I have had so much troublesleeping lately   and last night I gave this a try:

Can I get a hell yeah!  I was out like a light immediately!  Yes!

I woke up to glorious RAIN and have enjoyed it all day long!

I lit a couple of candles:

Slipped these on:

And will not leave the place! HEAVEN!

I am working in some Junk Journals and just chillen.

My soup yesterday turned out perfect and just what we need on a day like today.

I hope where ever you are you are cozy too.

Ok now to the things that last.  I have been wanting to show you a couple of things for quite sometime. 

Firstly, this:

I have gone through all make up more than once in the last five years but this Lancome eye pencil has remained in my make up bag!  I use it everyday!  I am old school and line my inside bottom rim.  This pencil lasts most of the day.  Yes its getting to be a nub but I feel like framing it I have had it so long!  I ❤️ it!

Next there is this:

That pot is one of the last things I charged before I filed bankruptsy in 2012.  I almost sold it in a garage sale.  It was actually in a box in the garage and I brought it back up. Whew!  Glad I came to my senses.  I did have to replace the coffee holder part where you put in your own coffee.  I never use the pods.  I 💗 this pot too.

Another couple of items I have had but need to replace are my two spanx type bra thingies!  One nude and one black.  The sides where I pull them down are threadbare  but they have lasted me this whole time.  I won’t bore you with a picture!  😜👎

A lot of things have lasted me but are really showing wear and tear, big things…car, fridge,things in condo and small things, clothes, shoes and other small items.

But all in all, I am making things last.  Most people would not be able to deal.  I am determined.

Tomorrow I am mailing out two junk journals!  One to Australia and the other to Pensilvania.  I can’t wait to get mine in the mail.  I will show u!

That is the only money I should have to spend all week!  Goals!

Have a great rest of your weekend!

I ❤️U 2!




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