Frost On The Pumpkin

It’s cold in the morning.  Well, by Southern California standards.

We went for our morning break walk and you can see the frost, but sorry, no pumpkins!  I lied😜.

It wasn’t that cold though.

I wore just a hoody over my clothes and I took it off.  If the wind was blowing that would be different.

Anyway I realize the rest of the country is having snow storms.

Stay warm and inside!

In other news, I did a haircut and sold 3 plants off my patio last night.  I made $45.00.  💰💰💰

I want to start getting rid of everything out there!  I want it to look huge when I go to sell and I want the new paint to stay nice!

Anyway that will come in handy!!  Every little bit helps.




4 thoughts on “Frost On The Pumpkin

    • Hi Kiki!
      Its so hard to declutter. I always toss things I need and keep the things I shouldn’t.

      This weekend I am gonna start in the kitchen cupboards. Dollar tree has bins, and eventually I will use lots of them to organize, but I just want to start with my Tea and meds! If I can get a handle on that mess..,,

      Xoxo Stay warm!

  1. We have some snow on the pumpkin this morning in Wisconsin. Thankfully not much. What beautiful landscapes you get to enjoy on your walks. I’m also trying to declutter. As I go through stuff, I’ve found things I had totally forgot about, that I bought years ago. Over the last 6 or 7 years, I changed from a spender to a saver. But as I go through stuff, it’s like shopping in my closet. New things without spending a dime. 😃

    • I love shopping my own closets! When I first started this journey in 2012 there was a lot more to find than these days, slim pickens!!!

      I love the area I get to walk on my break! Its private prop, my emp owns it. It is really great.

      I hope all is going well with you.

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