Guess What Time?

Guess what time I woke up this morning?

2:30!  And… I stayed up.  

Is that just crazy or what?

I am leaving work early because I came in at 0:dark:30!  Up at 2:30 and leaving at 2:30.  Sounds about right to me.

I gotta try to take a nap because its Happy Hour evening with my nieghbor tonight.  Its been awhile.

Not sure what I am bringing but I know one thing for sure: it is a no spend day and I am keeping it that way!

If I get enough energy I may make a loaf of peanut butter quik bread with choc chips!  I have all the ingredients.  Kid wants it too!

If I don’t make that I have some brushetta and crackers and maybe slice of apple.  

I just am in a no spend mode!  A serious one.

You know… when my kid got her car my brother helped us do some repair and not long ago he helped her get a tutor so she could increase her ACT score!  I cannot believe how much that cost!

I am determined to pay him back by March!  I have been super frugal (CHEAP) and every paycheck I give him as much as I can!  I hate owing family $$$$   Hate it!!!!

So that has got to get done.  Now if taxes come due I have to pay them first.  Its crazy how much money goes out when you don’t even leave the house!

This weekend I plan to look at my taxes, hike on Sunday and that is it!  Boring me.

What are your plans?




4 thoughts on “Guess What Time?

  1. That is so cool that you have hummingbirds year round. Those are special birds to us in Missouri because we only have them Spring through Fall. Ugh, I’ve had some of those nights/days where I wake up at 2:30am and cannot get back to sleep. I can’t call the students in for school at 3am so I just keep trying to get back to sleep, ha.

    I did my taxes – refund from Federal and owe $21 to Missouri. I guess I can give that to the Show Me State, ha.

    I can join the de-cluttering bandwagon. Seems like we spend the first 40 years of life accumulating our treasures, and the next 40 years trying to get rid of the crap. Enjoy your Happy Hour, Debt Girl. Congrats on all the no spend days. I love those days – not so much for the money, but more for not bringing anything into the house that isn’t a consumable:)

    • I hope thats all I owe Uncle
      Sam! You really do it right! Its so hard to come so close!!!!! 👍👍

      Happy Hour was fun but these days every time I drink it makes me a little sicky feeling! But it so fun! Shes so cute.

      You are right! I hate stuff!!!

  2. We’re doing the college road trip again this weekend..there goes our budget but we have to do it since our daughter got accepted there but actually hasn’t seen it…just trying to help her with her decision. Also fingers crossed the roads aren’t too icy or snowy…it’s a 5 hrs drive north…then back again the next day!

    • Congrats!!! Well the road trips are neccessary! It gets them all excited! Congrats on acceptance!

      Just be safe and keep your distance!

      You are lucky its only 5 hours I think my kid going 5 states away! She is flying to visit alone in a couple weeks.

      She is gonna stay in the dorn with another girl golfer, go to classes with her, hang with the coach!

      Shes gonna freeze!!!!


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