Cupboard Shame

Yup!  Complete  and utter shame:

That is the spice and medicine side!  Terrible! 

But now!  It looks like this:

So much better!

And the other side:

I can’t even see what I have.  Look what I found:

Really bad!!!

I organized my tea! I put some in the organizers:

I had no idea I had so much tea! But now its easy access.

Now I have to take care of these:

I already threw out a big bag of old unusable stuff!  I can’t believe how much crap we have.

It feels good to get rid of it.  Now I have to do the same in my other closets AGAIN.  Where does it all come from?

But me thinks that things will settle down and I will actually get rid of more eventually.

Ok better go tackle the rest, right after I nap!

What are you up to?




10 thoughts on “Cupboard Shame

  1. Oooo, I love decluttering posts. I have some work to do in pantry. Way too much “just in case” stuff. And your shelf reminds me that I miss Sandra Lee’s Cooking show. Her type of cooking was perfect for me – just a little help from the store.

  2. You may have just motivated me to re-organize a few of my cupboards & drawers! I have to get to the dollar store to get a few of those mini plastic baskets you have – aren’t those great? I use them in the bathroom drawers as they are deep enough – so they hold health & beauty products without yukking up the bottom of the drawers with goo! Good job, Debt Girl!

  3. Your reorganized cupboards look beautiful! Last year I got through my pantry, this year my goal are the kitchen cupboards. Will have to stop at the dollar store for some containers.

  4. Yes, working on the same things here as well. Planning on doing every cupboard, drawer and closet by the end of the year. It will probably take me that long to get through all of it.


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