8 More!

Yup!  8 more payments; but whose counting!

As crazy as its been around here these days, the next 8 months should Fly By!!

I have been busy at work with putting in as much OT as I can!  But even with the OT in my check I am living pretty close to the edge.  I really don’t know how I have made it this far!

I honestly think I could not have done it without the Dollar Tree and 99 Cent stores!   Yes, I got the organizers from there!   They are great!

My kids trip to the midwest is next week and we need to go to Big Five for boots!  I have a coupon too!

A gf is bringing over some winter clothes tonight for my kid to look at and borrow.

Oh!  She got excepted to a school in Oregon but they have not offered the kind of money the mid west has offered.  I gotta call them later!

Busy at work, finally moving backups to the cloud.  

Finally!  Kind of fun project!

I still can’t wait to quit and move away, start my final chapter in life.

I think about it all the time.  But I realize the longer I work the better.

Next month a bunch of us old folks are going to a retirement seminar! I hope it brings good news.

Tax season is here and that is another thing I am dreading but this is the last return I have to send in!!!

I hope you are well and looking forward to spring!




2 thoughts on “8 More!

  1. 8 is great! 7’s Heaven. Let’s have a monthly countdown theme! It will fly by, you have a long going on in the next 8 months. Hope the college visit goes well. That’s funny that she’s borrowing winter clothes. That sounds like my Florida sis when we all have Christmas in Wisconsin. We have to provide sunny sis with boots, gloves, coats, etc.

    Your pics look Greek to me. I always appreciate when I have a problem and the tech people fix it right up.

    • 8 is great! I like it! 7 is my fav number ! I am 7 of 9!

      I do hope the trip goes well for her! She should have a good idea of if she can handle it and if she likes the coach, team and environment!

      Yeah its all Greek to me too but just gotta read and do and it pretty fun to be in IT really.


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