A Gift of Material

A GF came over last night and brought some winter clothes for my kid to borrow and she also brought a tub of craft items for me:

A huge pile of material:

I love love this one:

And so much lace:

And just lots of misc:


I plan to use the Christmas material in a Junk Journal.

See, I declutter in one area and another one fills up.  

I will take what I know I will use and donate the rest. 

In love the lace, floral material and  old fashioned Christmas for sure!

Have a great Thursday and I hope you are staying well.




6 thoughts on “A Gift of Material

  1. WOW! How nice of your girlfriend! Some of that stash could be sold on Ebay to bring you some nice $$! I’m thinking the Holly Hobby pattern is vintage – also some of the others. I’d do a bit of research to see – – may be worth your effort!

  2. I had the same thought about the Holly Hobby pattern. It does look to be vintage and there are people out there who still collect that stuff. But how cool to have so many new goodies to work with. I love that piece of black fabric.

  3. Win/win. Love it when you can find someone that can use something that’s just taking up space. I’m a sucker for Cardinals in the snow.

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