Weekend Plans?

I am working OT today, again I have no idea how I made it without the Overtime.  Its so weird how $$ just disappears on bills alone!

The only reason I am working so much OT now is because I think I am close enough to the end that it doesn’t matter!  Trustee prob won’t give a rip!  And my boss is letting me.  I think he feels guilty because of this:


That’s assuming he has a heart!

Walked outside and took a couple of pics out back for you today!

Its pretty gray out there.  It should be dryer tomorrow for my kids tourney.

So my weekend plans are to wash her clubs tonight and relax at home.

Drive her to tourney tomorrow and  then meet a friend from work for coffee.

Take my kid for boots and makeup.  Big Five for boots and Wallgreens for makeup!  

Can’t spend much!

Sunday I need to hike again and then do some art!!!!

I hope whatever you are doing you are safe and happy!!!




4 thoughts on “Weekend Plans?

  1. I like your hiking pics…do you use an iphone.? One day I hope to get a good camera. I understand about $$$ disappearing..happens here too! I have a rare weekend off but our daughter wants to look for a prom dress…wow ther goes the $$$ again…but of course we want her to be happy. Good luck with the overtime!

    • Hi there! Yes I dont even own a camera anymore! I sold it😁👍

      I am not looking forward to prom costs!!!

      But its so great to know we got then there, healthy and unscathed!


  2. Glad you can work overtime and not worry too much of messing with the BK. I’m envious of that land where your office is located. Awesome!

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