Monday Monday


Gotta love California Dreamin!  Only today its pouring.  Most natives here are not impressed but because of my Oregon roots, I love it.

I didn’t hike yesterday!  I woke feeling crappy and I took a allergy med that knocked me out until 10:00!

I spent the day doing laundry and art!  I am in a post card swap and I signed up for three sets!  They each had to have words that start with D E and F.

Here’s what I came up with:

Sorry they are sideways!!! I did not take them that way!  I cant chg them in WordPress on my iPhone 👎

But you get the jist!

I also finally recieved these from Japan:

They are paint pens and everyone here has them so I wanted to try!  Meh!

I decided something yesterday about my craft space while I was going thru the material my friend gave me.  I actually do not want a full craft room!

All the videos that I watch online show crafters in these overfull, stuffed, cluttered rooms!  I would die!  Even the small craft space I have is more than enough junk for me.  

I decided to always try to keep it to a minimum, use what I have.  Yes this last year has been a learning, collecting stash phase but now its over.  I have enough paint, paper, glue and ephemera to last awhile.  I also think you are more creative when you use what you have.

Now I just want to create and swap!  Swapping is fun because you get to share your “art” with others who get it and you get to see others work up close and personal.   Its fun!

So its kind of calming to know that I dont have to have a full craft room in my forever home, I just need a few shelves and a desk, like I have now!

Its more than enough!  This makes me happy.

In other news my kid did just ok in her tourney this weekend.  She is looking forward to her trip to the midwest at the end of the week!  Yikes!

Oh I found a great website!

This lady knows how to budget.

Hope all is well with you!




7 thoughts on “Monday Monday

  1. I love your postcards! Especially the enough/free/discover set, so pretty. I’m into decorative planning lately. It’s a nice, yet strange, stress reliever for myself. So I can appreciate all your works of art! I have an office dedicated to my crafts and etsy shop, but it’s a hassle to organize. Very overwhelming. I long for a small corner that could fit every thing I need. Have you see the Work Box systems? Oh to dream!!! They are incredible, but at nearly $2,000…that will remain a dream lol.

    This thing >>

    • I have seen that! Goals that I never want to pay for! 😁

      I started a planner and I love it! i use it to budget, track bills, food, everything. I am in IT but I perfer that old school way!

      So many fun vids on uTube to watch people decorate them!

      Thank you for popping by!


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