My Heart Took Flight

Its like someone ripped my heart out, gave it arms and legs and put it on an airplane!

This morn I dropped my kid off to fly to the midwest to visit a college.

She is beyond excited and I am just beyond.  The golf coach and a team member will pick her up, she gets to stay in the dorm AND go to school tomorrow!  It the best experience.  How awesome for her!

Her flight got delayed, there was a bunch of drama but it all worked out!  She is on her way now!

The midwest!  I have always had a thing for it!  Middle America!  The Heartland!  🌺👍💗  But…

Its too damn far!  It costs too much to get there and its too damn far!  If she ends up going there ok, but its too damn far!!

Thankfully there is another college that cane thru just this last week on the west coast!  

I need to sit both offers in front of me and consider them.  I needto factor   in travel expenses.

We will go visit in April together during spring break.  But I hope she makes the decision and commits soon!

It was a nice morning!

So my girl is off checking it out and I will pick her up on Saturday!  

What a wonderful experience!!!

(I am being vague about which colleges for her safety🌺🌸)

Its so hard letting go!!!!  

I will keep you posted.  






10 thoughts on “My Heart Took Flight

  1. I wish her the best! I’m from California but live in South Dakota if I can be of any help. Not many months left on your journey!

    • Hi Sandra! Yes we are getting there, this year! Can you believe it?

      South Dakota looks beautiful! The midwest has always been on my bucket list.

      Thank you for the offer! Xoxo
      You never know. Xoxo

  2. Geez, wasn’t I just reading about you driving her to middle school? Amazing how time flies. I hope she has an awesome time, and her decision is clear and easy to make. It’s great to have options. Good for you for letting that baby bird take flight. I predict she’ll soar!!!

  3. what a brave girl to do that trip by herself! At that age I was terrified of doing stuff by myself and didn’t venture very far at all. I really tried to raise my daughter to be more independent than I was at that age and I think I succeeded. Good job to you! I’m sure it was very hard to watch her go.

    • Thank you One! She has my adventurous spirit! When I was young I couldnt wait to fly the coop!

      It was hard to watch her go but I just feel good knowing she is who she is and she has this opp!!!


  4. What an awesome opportunity, and brave young lady to do it by herself. Not sure I could have, or would have, at that age! Many years ago I read a blog by a girl in CA that was enrolling in college and she stated since she had been a resident for 2 years, it was ‘free’ except for fees/books. Is that no longer the case? Or was it ever? She stated there was no tuition for CA residents. I think the midwest is lovely! We’re in the southeast right now, but would like to relocate somewhere in the midwest. I miss snow terribly.

    • Thank you! She is very confident but it helps to have mom on the other end of the phone, I didnt have that when I left home at 16!

      There is nothing free here. BUT, just last night I read that San Fran is giving residents free JC! Thats NEW!!!


  5. DebtGirl It’s had to have your heart walking around outside your body, I know I’ve been there twice. But this is an exciting time for her and for you.


    • Hi SheilaJean! How are you!? Yes its hard and rewarding too!

      Last night I was like… I did it! I raised this human being, this lovely young woman and she is brave and confident and relatively unscathed by my mistakes! I think I did good so far!

      Its bittersweet!

      Nice to see you! Xoxo

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