Kid In The Snow

I told her it will be cold!  πŸ˜œ

Anyway!  She is having a great time!  I talked to the coach last night and he really wants her on his team.

This is a very expensive, small private college but the are offering her half, it basically will cost the same as in-state.  Plus a much better college, she is guaranteed to graduate in 4 years, which is hard to do in the impacted state systems. 

I know its far, but it will be fine.  With technology it won’t feel so far and there are always flights.

She spent the night in the dorm with another golfer.  This morning she has a tour, then she is meeting some professors, then she is sitting in on a class, then lunch with the golf team!  After that she might go ice skating.  Then spending another night in the dorm.

I didn’t go for a couple of reasons, cost being one.  But I figure staying in the dorms is a better way to get a feel!  Also, I told her if she is mature enough to go off to college, she is old enough to check it out by herself!

I feel it in my bones that this will be her choice.  I can tell since she hasn’t texted me constantly, that she is enjoying this experience.

I could not be more proud.  Thank you for all your kind comments.





2 thoughts on “Kid In The Snow

  1. You know, if this is her choice of colleges, it sounds like both a great opportunity and a great “fit” for her. As far as the distance, your financial picture will look and feel differently once the BK is behind you.

    • Hi Janelle! She seems to be totally “into it”! Her admission councilor told her during a meet today that they can offer more financial help once she commits! I would have to know what that meansπŸ‘

      I have been in this BK so long I don’t know what to expect lol! But yep, its gotta be brighter! Its been a dark cloud.

      I have learned so so so much. I am a different person because of maturing and the fin lessons learned that cant be unlearned! πŸŒΊπŸŒΊπŸ‘

      Nice to see you!!!! Hope all is well, it seems to be when I pop by!

      Thanks for popping by! Xoxo

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