Happy Valentines Day!

Oh my!  I won’t be in BK this time next year!!!   Its kind of sinking in; but I am way less obsessed than what I thought I would be so close to the end!

My kid will be away at college next year too so I wanted to makeher morning   special.

These are Dollar Tree ball😀😀ns!  A buck!  

I hid them in a big bag in my closet and put them out after she went to bed last night.  Is that Teddy not just the cutest!!!?!

Most of the stuff came from Dollar Tree and Target dollar spot.  I bought like a whole month ago!  

She was surprised.  It was cute.

In other news:  have I shown you this?

I made it from that material I was gifted and I gave it as a Bday present!  I am making a masculine one for my brother now:

I hope he likes it.

In other news, just plugging along.  Kid has pretty much made up her mind about midwest and honestly, I am on board with it.  

Things are just kind of in autopilot and I an hoping there is as little drama as possible from now till October!  I just keep my head down and my hands busy in paint.

Let me leave you with a couple funnies 


Happy Valentines Day!




4 thoughts on “Happy Valentines Day!

  1. Cute balloons. You’re never too old for balloons. And wreaking havoc with vodka and meds – those are some fun gals. Happy Valentine’s Day, Not-Too-Much-Longer-DebtGirl.

    • I hope you had a great day! We are getting closer!

      I wish I could say that its gone by fast but it has been a long row to hoe! 🙂

      ButI think with all that is happening the rest of the time should fly!!!


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