Krazy Krafter! 

Hi all!  Hope you are enjoying a day off today.  I will refrain from any negative comment but yeah…  what you are thinking is probably what I am thinking.

To keep my mind and hands busy I have been Crazed!  Could be the glue?

I have been so into  this space this weekend. 

See that box if scraps?  I started collecting when I started crafting way back when:

That was exactly the weekend this all started and it doesn’t appear to be a phase!  😜

Today alone I started these altered composition books for my great nieces un Oregon:

I made these silhouettes for ??? I think they will be cool elements on an art page.


I save a bunch of crap, these disks from ribbon that I rewound on a piece if cardboard will come in handy for tags in my junk journals:

I went thru and painted up a bunch of envelopes to send junk in when I do swaps:

And I sewed some pockets out if magazines.

Yesterday I finished this junk journal:

I aleady found someone to trade with online.

I mean seriously!  Its an illness!  I have paper craft disease!  I am not the only one, there are lots if support groups.  👍

Thats what I have been doing.  I swear its saving me from my insane world.  

Did I tell ya my HOA is going up from 390 to 470?  A Month.  When I moved in it was 265 un 2003.

California sux!




7 thoughts on “Krazy Krafter! 

  1. It was a great weekend here. The weather was fabulous, but I assume winter won’t quite be done with us yet. I think the silhouettes would look cool on a lampshade with the light bouncing through. Ugh is right for the HOA increase. I am always in sticker shock with House Hunters when they mention the price of some HOA’s. You could rent an apartment in the Midwest just for the price of the HOA. Have a great, and short, work week.

  2. I love those silhouettes too…sorry to hear about your hoa increase …that’s robbery! At least you have your crafts…I can relate since I finally found mine (string bracelets) and I just love it…it keeps me sane too!

  3. I hear you on the paper craft disease. I have that too! Spent a lot of time working on cards this weekend. I’m going to a crop/paper craft thingy at the end of this week and I’ve been busy getting lots of project ready to work on. Love, Love, LOVE the altered composition book with the butterflies.

    Those HOA fees are one reason I will not live where they have one. Actually, your HOA fees are more than my mortgage payment every month!

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