Quicky Update

I am here!  I am fine!  Thank you so much!  Things are a changin, like almost daily!

Yesterday I typed up a super long post but decided to wait to post and its a good thing I did.  Things changed!

Today was a rough day.  This morning I called the financial aid about their offer in the midwest and learned that even with their generousity my kid would still incur about 90k in debt over the course of 4 years!  I grilled them and tried to learn the numbers.  They are tricky!

I have to tell you that on some days I am like, oh well we gotta do it and the next day I can barely breath thinking about launching her into that debt!  Its too crazy!

So today I got off early, took her to the nearest deli and in the middle of a huge lunch crowd I gave her the news.  I thought we wouldboth  keep our cool in public and it actually worked.

We barely ate our split ruben but we got thru it.  Tears and face hiding and all.

At home we talked more and she looked up some JC colleges in the area and what do you know?  She is now more excited about that!  Omg!  Shes 17 and its so important to steer her.

I told her its whats best for our family, I told her how much better off we will be.  

Then she reached out to the midwest coach and he said he would talk to the director of admissions. He told her not to give up yet.  Now all of a sudden she is like but what if I dont want to go there now mom!?!

All I could do was laugh till I almost cried!  My tummy is doing summersaults and not in a good way!

Tomorrow things might change yet again!  I meam if the coach can get it down to 15k a year its still a lot but way more doable.  Between you and me?  I hope he can’t.  Also please pray or think positive or whatever you can do to help that the coach at the JC she reached out to replies!!!

Guys this is insane!  Completely redic!

Bridget!  Thank you!  That website is amazing!

Thank you all so much!  I will update soon!




13 thoughts on “Quicky Update

    • Thank you Kiki! I sure am taking us ALL on a rollercoaster ride.

      I hope you all dont think I am crazy! Well, its making be crazy to be sure!😅


  1. What a bumpy ride you both are on. But she sounds pretty level headed and thanks to you, will go forward looking at the short term and long term results of what ever decision she makes.

  2. You and your daughter should not feel pressured by the Midwest school. You need to choose what is best for you two! You haven’t said much about her major. What does she want to study?

  3. Very smart and sensible to choose not to go into debt $90k! that is insane and she’d likely spend the rest of her adult life working to try and pay it off. There are lots of alternatives to getting an affordable education that I’m sure she will end up just as happy with.

  4. WOW! 90K is a crazy amount to pay for an education. Hope she finds somewhere more reasonable that is offering the course of study she wants.


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