My Word For The Year

That’s it!  Simple. Simplify.

My biggest goal this year is to simplify!

It is manifesting in strange ways.  Its even spilling over to my parenting.

For example, yesterday after It hit the fan and things calmed down and we were able to start thinking of all the positives, my kid was pretty chatty!  Love that.

She told me she was called into her councilors office because she is doing poorly in Spanish 2.

No surprise there!  Even the smartest hispanic kids struggle.  Anyway the councilor told my kid she could drop it if she wants to.  My kid said, no, she will try to work on it and get her grade up.  

So as shes telling me this, I’m thinking, why?  

I asked her if she would graduate without it and she said she has more than enough credits already to graduate.  

So I said … Drop It!

Omg you should have seen her face!  Shes like… wait, what?!?

I said… Drop it!  You don’t need it for CC, you don’t need the stress and I think you have done enough.

All if a sudden she looked like someone had popped her, she was so tense then she just visibly relaxed!  

It was awesome.

I have NEVER  let her quit or drop anything!  Ever.  

But she has worked her butt off to get into these 4 year colleges and now that she is not going, SIMPLIFY!

She gets too as well!  Life is going to be so much better.  We are already in such a better headspace!

Do you have a word or phrase?

Xoxo (you guys rock)!



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