A Video Chat!

Hi there!  Trying something new today!

I think I will add this to the posts!  Kind of fun, a little more personal!

Let me know what you think!




14 thoughts on “A Video Chat!

  1. That was awesome. I think your condo is cute. My home maintenance is to get my sliding door to slide better. And Gracie…. you could just record 5 minutes of beautiful Gracie. Did you get the pet insurance? If so, does that include the cleaning? Not sure where you are with the college decision. My wish has been that it is a clear cut decision, everyone is at peace, and preferably no debt at the end.

    • Yes!! We decided on local! It took me a long time to get there but I did… kicking and screaming but I did!!!

      Yes I got that insurance, like a dumbass! But it is what it is! Now I am afraid they will either kill her on accident or they will clean them and find loads of work to be done that is not covered! Idk what to do!!

      Shes my girl!!!!

  2. Hi Debtgirl…this is lovely! Thanks so much for sharing…your place is so much tidier than mine! I love Gracie…she’s beautiful. We’re getting a new kitten soon and I’m nervous but I adore cats..first I’m trying frantically to tidy up our place!

    • Thank you! 0h don’t be nervous! You are so lucky. Just make sure the kitten is loving and receptive. You can kind of tell what kind if cat it will be. Cats are wonderful no matter what but much nicer if they are more like our Gracie than out Misty who we adore too, but its a different experience with her! You are going to be so happy!!!! Xoxo

  3. OK love your video chat. Maybe you could do some more on crafting or going through BK? You might generate some income.

    On a totally juvenile note, that candle or scone next to the plaque about getting lost on the way to your dreams looks phallic to me. Could just be my dirty old lady mind.

    Best wishes from Best Bun.

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