Odds and Ends

Hi there!  

Well I didn’t need new tires yet, but I did get a tuneup and a motor mount.  $460.00.  

The other motor mount (something about tork)needs to be done at the Dealer but its the important one!  My car vibrates!!! Cha-ching.

As you can see I have not fixed the dent in the door that someone gave me and left no note!

Here’s a pic of the elusive Misty.

She hides most of the time and Gracie is so intolerant of her.  Its her daughter!!!  But Gracie chases her around and so Misty hides most of the time.  She got chased off the bed shortly after this photo op.πŸ‘Ž

Check out this home made AC! Theres a huge block of ice in it.  Don’t laugh, it might be in my future this summa!

Remember this?  Its been a struggle!



Heres some pics I took in Santa Barbara at my kids last tourney.

I love SB.  I hit up some thrift stores while there but didn’t find much.  Ventura has the best thrift stores.

Heres Gracie carrying her other baby!  

Heres my hike at work:  its so pretty when its green!

I started another video log and will post next weekend.

Thats kind of fun and different.

In financial news, its a three paycheck month and thats how I am affordind the work on my car!  Been waiting for months. 

Have a great day!  Oh and for those of you getting a kitty I am so happy and for those of you (ah hem OneFamily) thinking about it, do it!!!!  πŸŒΈπŸ‘πŸ‘πŸŒ·




12 thoughts on “Odds and Ends

      • Nope – that didn’t happen! Long story short, the construction loan lenders all looked at our bankruptcy as our house was included (meaning foreclosed) when it wasn’t and said we had to wait 7 years after bk. Add in that our house sold too late in the year to start building here anyway. We bought a small cute house right in the tiny town and also bought the property (own that free and clear) and will probably build next year. Honestly, if it wasn’t for the kinda crappy renter neighbors right next door, we’d probably consider just staying in this house.

          • ya….we kinda knew the situation coming in. At the time they had some kind of junky race car on a trailer parked out in front on their lawn with some other misc junk around. The previous owner said he complained about it to property owner. But places to live are slim picken’s in this small town and we needed the shop that came with this house, and it was only temporary. Well, since we’ve moved in he’s added a bunch more “junk”. starting to look like a small wrecking yard. The good part is they are hardly ever home, so at least they are a quiet mess :/. This is basically a retirees town, so figures we’d end up next door to one of the few young familiy’s that live here, LOL. Honestly, if we lived next door to a clean, quiet neighbor, we’d probably just stay in this little house and call it good.

  1. My dad has a mother and daughter cat and they don’t get along too well. Gracie and the stuffed baby is adorable. Have a great week. Glad the car is getting fixed. Shaking is no good!

    • Thanks Kim! I dont know what that cat dynamic is all about!

      He couldnt fix the shake! He had trouble getting the part! I am gonna see if he will try again!

  2. Your pics of SB and your hiking grounds are so pretty. Our snowstorm is finishing up with about 8 inches so it will be awhile before we see some green. Be safe Kiki. Hope your storm is over soon.

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