Quick Video – Santa Barbara

I had to run up to Santa Barbara and I asked my kid to take this video:

I know the East Coast is having a wierd snow storm right now so I am sorry for that!

There is a bit of fog!  Can’t say I won’t miss this when I move back to the PNW!  I have been here since 84!!

Catch up soon!



17 thoughts on “Quick Video – Santa Barbara

  1. It looks beautiful there. I am new to your blog. Just in the beginning steps of Chapter 13 and have to say, I’m very scared. I’m 51 years old. I have a good job. But I have made some stupid mistakes. A little emotional and would love to hear from someone that everything will be ok.

    • Hi Cindy!

      Are you in a 60 or 36 month plan? That makes a big difference. Dont be too hard in yourself for past mistakes. Its a done deal and once you file, you have no choice now but to buckle up and get thru it!

      And you will! I wont lie. Its not easy but you will learn how to make it work.Keep your eye on the goal.Askme anyrhinG!!!!

      • Thank you so much! 😊. I actually haven’t filed yet. I just got all of the paperwork from my lawyer yesterday. I will be sending that in, along with the lawyer’s fees and the cost to file, next Friday. I don’t even know what to ask. It’s 65 pages and my printer is acting wonky, so I don’t even know what the plan is. I have done the pre-counseling. I guess my lawyer is going to file as soon as I send her back everything? She seems a bit scatterbrained, but maybe that is just me?

        • No they are very weird and scatterbrained!

          Have you been to http://www.bkforums.com? U will be so happy you post there!

          Do you know what your payment is supposed to be for how many months?

          You will learn so much about frugal living and you will be fine.

          Yesterday I stopped at some thrift stores and found a brand new pair of Anne Klien jeans for 5!!! Every little bit counts! 🙂

          • I honestly haven’t found out anything yet. I need to try and go through the paperwork. From what the lawyer has told me, I will have a surplus of $100 a month, after expenses. She also said they will take it out of my paycheck. I didn’t know they did that and it doesn’t sound like how you are set up, right? One of my concerns is what if there is an emergency? Like, what if my hot water tank dies? or my furnace? What then? I’m so scared :(. I will check out that site. Would the monthly amount I have to pay and the length be in the initial filing paperwork the lawyer sent me? it’s 65 pages long 😧

            • Yes I had to pay a few times with cashiers check then switched to autopay! Its awesome. You will see that your budget is ok for groceries and car maint so maybe you can save from that $ You have to immediatly get used to shopping the 99 cent store and Dollar Tree. It is more mainstream now!! When I started nobody really shopped there. Now its very popular. This is the best way to get out of dibilitating debt and do a reset! Its a good thing but you have to buckle down. I was never as frugal as I could have been but I also think you have to have a life or it will fail. Just cut where and when you can and try to carve out some normalcy!!!! Xoxo

  2. I don’t have any problem with the dollar store 😊 I just want this done and to start making my payments. My lawyer made it sound like it was an easy process, but from what I am reading, it seems like that may have been an exaggeration!! What happens if your pay increases? For example, I work a bit more overtime towards the end of the year.
    I also got a chance to look at the paperwork she sent me. What they consider my disposable income is crazy! I don’t bring that much home in a month!! What do I do???

    • It depends on our plan. If you are in 100% payback it doesnt matter if you get an increase. Do you have to send in tax refunds? Ask. You need to go over your expenses and dont forget to add them all and show the dmi is crazy. You can do all of that w atty before confirmation meeting. Take a deep breath, you got this. It does seem really hard but it will be ok. Please go to the bkforum and read all the old threads, you willbe glad u did! Xoxo

      • Also, if your dmi is not correct, u wont get confirmed. The trustee doesnt want u to fail, so they wont confirm a plan that is not doable. Just go over the schedules carefully. Xoxo

      • I think that’s what the problem is. I don’t think I really thought about all of my expenses. I need to go over the forms with a fine tooth comb this weekend and make the necessary adjustments. I also think that they based my monthly income on what I made back in December and January. I worked a ton of overtime during those months, but that isn’t available any longer.
        I’m a bit embarrassed that my employer is going to know I filed :(. I mean, if they really are going to be deducting that from my pays before I even get them, which would be nice on the one hand so I don’t have to worry about sending, then my employer will have to know. I work for a very large company, so maybe it won’t get to my manager?
        I really want to thank you again for taking the time to talk to me. I don’t have anyone to talk to about this and that makes it so much harder! 😦

        • Wait I do autopay out if my checking account! Not from employer, I mean, its ok but see if auto out of checking is avail.

          Yes go over expenses and I think they look at income for last 6 months, not sure so verify that! If thats the case then just wait to file a few months. Bring down that number. Five years is s long time to go if its not right.

          You are more than welcome! Its one reason I am here. i an not a lawyer or professional though!


          • I swear my lawyer said something about my employer deducting the payment before I get paid. I guess that is something else I’ll have to confirm. She did ask for my pay stubs back to September, and I don’t think I had overtime during that period, and if I did, it wasn’t as much as in November and December, so hopefully I should be ok for 4 out of the 6 months. I hope. I can’t really hold off on filing. I am very behind on my second mortgage and they are threatening foreclosure 😢

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