It’s Official

I am old. 

Yesterday I spent the day at a retirement seminar:

Oh for those of you who think public servants (who have the nastiest jobs) live high on the hog in retirement,  I am here to tell ya, its a joke.  But I am also here to say that I dont know how anyone can manage without it ofcourse.  I guess its a decision you have to make early in in your working career.  Either get an exciting well paying job and live well or take a soul sucking government job, work it for years and end up with a little something to repay you for all the lost years as a public servant.  

Anyway… a day looking at the numbers and feeling like I will have something after this BK and when I move to a cheaper state, and a day like today and I would say, yup, I am old!

I never, ever, never thought I would even try this!  I do like shabby chic but in small doses!  So I bet I keep one of these and give the ones I make away!  If I can make them that is. They look like so much fun!

Remember these flowers I made ?

Now I have some plave to use them on.  Not sure how to do fabric images.

I made this base and pulled out all the laces and trims and doilies I have been buying and saving!

Now its time to get gluing!  I really do love this look.

So that is what I am doing today.  My kid threw up all night so I have been taking of her today!  Its nice to be able to hide in my room!  I hope I don’t get sick!!!  I am trying so hard not to.

Anyway thats whats up, keeping busy, getting old and hiding from the flu!

Hope you are well!




3 thoughts on “It’s Official

  1. Old is relative! When we visit my father in law at the nursing home boy do my husband and I feel young! You’ll be a young retiree how is that? 🙂 we have six years to go at least but I think it’ll fly by! Love the lace btw!

    • Thank you! I love lace too.

      I have been schlepping computers for 17 years here so I have a smallpension. I dont plan on not working just retiring from here and then drawing ss at 62 to make ends meet.

      It will be tight!!!!!


  2. DebtGirl

    You are NOT old. This is just a new stage in your life. One that is exciting and challenging at the same time. You’ll do fine. It might be tight for a while but you got this retirement thing!

    I love, love, love all your laces and trims. Can’t wait to see what amazing things you do with them.


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