Break Time Mini Vent

Heres the wall hanging I found online and want to make:

Pretty right?

Some days are just okay, other days at work are Meh!  Today is Okay/Meh!

So many years, so little progress.

But I survive it by day dreaming about retirement at times, but mostly I get by with realizing how lucky I have been.  That fact has not escaped me.

I am grateful.  

First world problems right?




6 thoughts on “Break Time Mini Vent

    • I know right? I am always looking for it when I am out and about. Its so expensive in stores! The older the better anyway!

      Thanks for stopping by Sheryl! Xoxo

  1. You’ve got a lot coming up that are really special moments, so try not to get so down on yourself that you don’t enjoy them. Maybe you could try one of those 52 week saving plans you had used in the past to set some aside a little at a time so you have extra when you need it in the upcoming months. And you have made a lot of progress! Only 7 months left of a 60 month journey is huge! Hang in there Debtgirl!

    • Hi Terri! I never successfully finished that savings but I could try that again ! Want to do it with me? I hate to cimmit because I just might fail again.

      I will post the link soon! I will post the link if anyone is interested.


      • I’ll do it with you. Even if you don’t make it to the end of her year, you’ll still have something set aside for things coming up this year. I’m going to print it off and post it on my bulletin board so I see it every day. Maybe that will keep me on track. Good luck Debtgirl!

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