This That & The Other Thing

Break time!  Did I tell you how brutal this week is at work?  There is nothing out of the ordinary, maybe I am just super tired.

It nice to take a break with you!  Speaking of breaks you know I walk on mine most of mine. Do you remember when I bought the fit bit from the guy I work with?

Welp, I lost it!  For a long time but I found it and all the wristbands that came with! 

So back at it!  Hope it inspires me.

That’s cool right?  

I also wanted to ask you if you watched this Netflix series.

The Crown.

Like where have I been!?!  This is awesome and I am almost enjoying as much as Downton Abby.

I have been watching at night and on my lunch break.

I really love it and give it two thumbs up.

Then this!  Terri, a dear reader reminded me of this 52 Week Challange:

I am gonna give it another try!  I have not once succeeded!  😜🌺

So go download the pdf and lets get  crackin!

Hope you are having a good week!




6 thoughts on “This That & The Other Thing

  1. Yay – I remember your 52 weeks of saving. I like that you always have a “can do” spirit and just keep going. Can’t beat someone who just won’t quit. I need to get my rear in gear with my walking. I’ve had (and lost) multiple Fit Bits. Wonder if there is a knockoff available these days?

    • Hi Kim! I googled alternatives to fitbit and there are quite a few. I tried to paste a link here for you but it didnt work.

      I just keep plugging along and I try so hard to stay upbeat! I dofeel like I am bleeding money these days and its so hard!

      I am so close I have to make this work.

      Its so hard to believe that my kid was in the sixth grade when I started this. Its been a long haul.


  2. I’ve never made to the full 52 weeks. But I did get up to @ $1000, so that was something. Give it another try. We’re focused on getting that last card paid off that was our tree cutting($3000) and some taxes last year. I’m hoping by July !st it’s done.

    • I think 1000.00 is a total success!!! I would be happy to make it that far! Congrats in getting thise cards paid down. I hope to never pay much interest for as long as I can! Its the interest that keeps you chained to debt! Gah!

      Xoxo ❤️🌸🌸

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