Break Time Walk

Ok first if all… the pear was so sad! It was bland!  Lesson learned!

Back to work today! Breaktime walk share!

Lots of mustard and lupin:

Thats the most lupin I have seen in years!

Must be all the rain we had!

Also just a share of the Wisteria!  Smells devine!

Hope you enjoy the pics!

Today I figured out part of graduation costs.

$100.00 Prom (not including dress, shoes or limo)

$130.00 grad night trip 

$43.00 online store crap

Now gotta figure out grad night dinner and gift!  

Omg Send Xanax!




4 thoughts on “Break Time Walk

  1. I totally understand the grad expenses….Mimi (my youngest) found her ‘perfect’ grad dress but unfortunately it wasn’t the sale one and set us back $300….ouch! Fortunately I think she can wear my shoes and will do her own hair /makeup. Wow the things we do for our kids….I love your flower pics btw…I saw crocus peeking out from the ground and was so happy spring might be up here now!

    • I love crocus! It do sentimental and old fashioned, if you know what I mean. I think of my gramma.

      $300??? Ouch!! But if she loves it! I never went to Prom! I want her to have that special memory.

      Today I will take care of part of it and then I have her birthday too!

      I have got to get back to some OT at work or ?

      I hope this is the most expensive year because I really am bleeding money now! I always heard it is.

      Heavy sigh!

  2. I don’t remember my DD being interested in a “grad” dress (meaning to wear at grad ceremony?) I honestly don’t recall what dress she wore underneath, since she had gowns on (she had two graduations, one at high school and one at community college). She did buy her own prom dress. She had been working for almost 2 years by then and had lots of money saved up, so she bought her own dress. As far as I know there wasn’t a grad night type of trip. We didn’t have a lot of announcements to send out (small family) so she designed her own grad annoumcents and ordered online. They were kind of neat, as they announced both her graduations with high school and her AA degree. I paid for those and we took her out to a fancy dinner. She did the same thing with her university graduation last year. She had her boyfriend take some photos of her in her cap and gown (at the campus) and designed her own announcements that I think cost about $20 total.

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