Six More Payments

Woooo  hoooo!  Finally!  I can see the light!




17 thoughts on “Six More Payments

  1. Wow, 60 turned into 6 (with a lot of patience, hard work, and sacrifice). Keep your eye on the prize. I’m proud of you and excited for you!!!!

  2. You’ve climbed the mountain! It’s downhill from here. I hope you keep blogging in some fashion. Maybe a countdown to retirement? I have at a minimum 791 working days left (spread 3 years, 11 months and X number of days). I would love to read about your story on surviving and planning your move.

    Congrat’s on the journey. Stephanie

    • Stephanie! That will fly by and soon you will be retired! I have a few ideas to keep blogging. Life after BK or such! I don’t know though. Its been such a stressful thing, might want to put it behind me. I like your ideas.

      Maybe bugeting into retirement? Idk.

      Thanks for being on this journey with me everyone!!!!


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