Heavy sigh!  

I owe over $900 federal, and get a little over $200 back from state.  

The state goes directly to the trustee.

The $900 goes directly to uncle Sam!

This is the last year I have to turn this into the Trustee.

Five years of that is just too much!!!

So thats good.  

My latest worry is Syria.  What if we go into a war and the housing market tanks before I can sell!!???!!!  OMG!  Just what if?

(I mean I am concerned about those poor people too!)

Even in October when I am done, I might have to wait months for discharge before I can sell.  Life happens and these days, it happens fast!





12 thoughts on “FRICK!

  1. I spent my five years in financial limbo. The trustee took my $10K settlement from an accident and applied it to my total owed. Of course, he got a cut of it. It took about ten months to get all settled once I paid all I owed.

    • I would have died over that! I meam what a burn. It takes so long sometimes to get these cases over with! πŸ˜”πŸ‘Ž

      Xoxo thx for popping by!

    • That’s how I’m feeling now and I’m only on payment number #3. But it’s money i owe- so I guess I don’t expect any courtesies. I wish I made the effort myself to not be in this situation but I’m doing the effort. Wow. Better late than never.

  2. Yeah it’s hard not to let fear drive us crazy…I try to keep coming back to deep breaths and trying to be kind and compassionate…hang in there πŸ™‚

  3. Sorry to hear that you owe. Living on fixed budget there is little room for extra expenses. Does the IRS do payment plans?

    Remember, you didn’t get this far without being creative! As living thru a Chapter i13 sn’t for the weak.

    The finish line is close.

    • Good morning! I looks like the IRS does do payment plans but I don’t mess with Uncle Sam.

      I found a way and paid it!

      Now I just have to wait for state to come in so I can send that to trustee.

      I am so glad I never have to do that again!!!! Five years, one year I had to send her 2000.00. It burned!


  4. The IRS does have payment plans you can apply for. I did that one year when I owed a large amount and I was able to add that form when I filed. Don’t know if you would be allowed to do that while you’re finishing your chapter 13. Might be worth asking though.

    • Hi Terri! I just bit the bullet. Kids gonna stay one less night at hotel for her birthday, more on that next month and we cheaped out in prom dress. She ordering online. Also we rented cap and gown for free for grad night. And again, tires can wait!

      Freezer is full and I am putting in lots of OT.

      I did not work hardly any OT untill this year and I dont know how I did it without it!!!!

      We splurge in some areas and scrimp in most! I think thats how to make it work.

      Xoxo almost done!!!!

  5. Hi,
    Just found your Blog. I filed chapter 13 April 2013, Confirmed in Nov 2013. I’m about a year & 1/2 from being done.. Thank goodness.. As tough as it is.. When i look at how much i have paid in it makes me feel really good.. My land will be paid for once this is all done as well.. which is a wonderful feeling.. We will be in a much better place.. Getting here has been tough.. But will be worth it once it’s all said and done.. They get my taxes 1 more time after this year and thats it.. It’s hard handling them over extra money that i could really use. Huh 😦 As bad as it is to be in it.. and i don’t wish needing to do this on anyone.. But it’s nice to know your not in the boat alone.. For sure..

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