Touching Base 

Can you believe its only Tuesday?  But the best part if this week is looking at the calendar and realizing there is only one week left in this month.

The months are zipping by now, faster than ever.  I hope saying that does not jinx me.  😳

Been busy playing with paint.  I made some flowers last night:

I really liked how they turned out!

This weekend I sewed some paper pockets, that was fun!

And I decoupaged some napkins in some koolaid dyed paper:

Whoops!  This first image is painty paper.  Not koolaid!

I have been a crafting fool.  It costs basically nothing and it keeps me busy so the time flies!!

Its a win win.

Not much happening.  Will catch up soon!




5 thoughts on “Touching Base 

  1. Those flowers are so pretty! I think they’d look beautiful scattered on a wall in a baby girl’s nursery. Crafting and DIY projects are always my type of therapy. A great stress reliever. I shy away from paper crafts and tend to do jewelry or furniture refinishing though. Have you looking into the world of planning? I bet you could make some great things for planners such as dashboards, insert, folders, or even traveler’s notebooks!

    • Thank you Laura! Thats so flattering! I want to open something soon cause I just don’t know what I would do with it all! Hey if you like something send me an address and I will be happy to send u some Happy Mail as the crafters call it!

      That goes for anyone reading this! Email me an address and I will send you a little something! Small envelope! Xoxo

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