A Little O T Never Hurts

Well that is unless your kid coughs all night long and keeps you up.

She has been sick for weeks with off and on something!  Gah! Poor kid!

Anyway…  I think I got to sleep around 2:00.  I wanted to be at work at 6:00 but opted for a little more sleep!  7:00.

But I am here!  

Wiping out some hard drives so I can get rid of the old PCs and monitors.

It a good thing to do on my day off cause nobody bugs me!

Throw on my pink tennies and go to work!

No plans this weekend. Do need to go to dollar tree, I have a list!

Hiking on Sunday and then back to the grind on Monday!

Kind of worried these days about the whole state of world affairs.  Its a scarey time we live in.

I guess Enjoy The Moment is more appropriate than ever!

Will post a vlog this weekend if I can!

I hope you have something fun planned?




4 thoughts on “A Little O T Never Hurts

  1. Happy weekend! Nice shoe color. Hope your girl gets better – not a fun way to spend her final high school time.

  2. Hi…yes I worry about world affairs too….do you follow Robert Reich on Facebook? He has a Resistance Report every night and it’s awesome…I watch from here in Canada although he’s in California like you. He says don’t get discouraged…these are important times to resist and offers ideas and hope. ook sorry for mentioning politics, hope your weekend is good….please send some warm weather up north…so cold and cloudy here!

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