A New Thing!

Wait!  What?  Why did I not know how easy this is when I attempted to paint these?


That was a fail!  But if I would have thought that spray paint was a solution at the time, it could have been a success!

I picked up these two wood  items and have had them in my garage for quite sometime and yesterday I decided to try to spray paint!

Sorry for the terrible pics!

But heck yes!  It worked!

One is a key holder and the spice rack will look so cute with clear bottles.  

So lookout wooden crap at garage sales and thrift stores!  

I’m comin for ya!  Lol

Back to the grind!  Ugh!  Hope you had a good weekend!




2 thoughts on “A New Thing!

  1. This is an example of the tangents I go off on… I can’t decide if the pics with the pergola shadow is artsy or looks like jail. I’m going with artsy because those art projects are FREEING for your soul, and almost FREE for your pocketbook. Make it a good week, Debt Girl.

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