Do I Need This?

Nope!  I do not NEED a new couch!  I recently got this one!  But…


The chair and the couch are both “new” to me.  Of  course they are used!  I will never buy brand new again.

As you know I am planning on moving in less then a year.  Which means I am sellng.  Which means I have to get my place ready!

That means paint!  I decided on light greys and white!  So trendy!  Right?

Heres some idea pics.  Sorry they are just screenshots!

My current furniture won’t do as you can see!  


I found this couch:

$50.00.  You can remove and wash the covers.  It looks a little grungy.  But it comes from non smoking home.  Pick that up tonight from Brentwood.  (The town where OJ killed those poor people)!  Nice area though.

Last night I picked this up for 100.00. 

She wanted 150.00.  Totally not worth it.  I gave her 100.00.  She was lucky to get that!🌺

So there…the transformation has started!  My current couch and chair are listed for sale to make that a wash.

I plan on finding junk and painting what I already have for the rest!

The community Is having a huge garage sale this month and that will help to get rid of alot!  Stuff I dont want to move or keep. 

By the time I finish this BK, This place will be staged and ready to go.

Will it look like  those pictures!  Not even!  But it will look bigger, brighter and lighter so thats cool!

So happy I already cleaned off the patio!  It looks huge.

What do you think?  Do you like that color combo?

I am giddy! Cant wait to get it done!  One more thing to keep me busy!




4 thoughts on “Do I Need This?

    • Thank you One! I dont want to wait and the couch is 50, the chair 100 and a coffee table and end tables might be 195 is she delivers. So new living room, $350.00 so far!

      I have lots to do to keep me busy in the next year and so time should fly!

      Nice to see you! Xoxo

  1. Looks great. since becoming minimalist, I’m all into shades of white and some gray accents. I’m not sure why but maybe it’s the calming effect and easy on the eyes. Your time will fly by. I can’t remember, but after you sell are you staying in the area you’re in and renting?

    • Hi Chris! That has been my goal to sell and then rent but I would be paying more for rent! I have some thinking outloud to do so I think I will make a vlog and ask you guys what you think.

      I do think is so calming. I am going on a mission and getting rid of so much stuff and that will help!

      Thanks for sticking around!

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