Cheap Upgrades

Well this was fun!

Lots to do!  But its actually fun seeing it change up!

Tomorrow I tackle my closet!

These are the things I want to cover with the extra panel.

Anyway, getting lots done!

That 50.00 couch was THE BEST purchase To Date!  Its still drying.

That was only my second used couch.  It took me awhile to get over the ick factor but trust me… Oxiclean kills everything including your skin!




4 thoughts on “Cheap Upgrades

  1. HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY DEBTGIRL!!!!! I hope you had a good one! Looks like you’re having funning
    decorating – good luck; looks great so far!

    • Aw thanx! My Bday is Monday so you are early unless I missed it!

      The 50 couch came out spotless and I could not be more pleased.

      I am feeling a little nervous about what I spent even though its cheap! So funny how trained we get in a BK to really be aware!

      Yikes! But it looks light and bright!

      Thx again! Xo

  2. Whoops…are days are so close together, I mixed them up. Well I hope you have a wonderful one.
    I’m sure your finished room is going to look beautiful.

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