Craft & Closet Overwhelm

So yesterday I tackeled the couch and windows.  The window frames were filthy and had to be scrubbed before hanging white curtains.  Something tells me I might be sorry about that color choice but for now its so REFRESHING!

Now today I tackle my closet and craft area!  Its insane!  I am a freaking minimalist (sort of) and these spaces are killing me!

I had bad news from my doctor, it appears if I go into a flare we cannot up my meds!  I have seen signs of a flare (ulcerative colitis) coming and so I want to get all this done!  I can barely make it to work and home during a flare.  Its debilitating. 😞

And they get progressivly worse and and harder to reach remission.  I have had a few good years in this drug, so I am grateful for that.  But nervous about how to tackle my next inevitable flare.

Ok back to the fun stuff!  Go check out the vlog!




7 thoughts on “Craft & Closet Overwhelm

  1. I used to work for a call center that answered questions about Remicade which was used for rheumatoid arthritis but also ulcerative colitis. That’s horrid that you have to go through this. Prayers and hugs from me. As for the cat I guess cats are very spiritual but I don’t think my kitty is into empathy.

    Best wishes from Best Bun.

    PS your makeover looks cute.

    • Thank you for the hugs and for the compliment in the redo!! Its taking a lot out of me for sure but will be worth it!

      My cat is a sweetheart and I adore them both but Gracie is more social!


  2. Can’t go wrong with light and bright and minimalist. I like the couch – looks more comfy than the other one. How’s the closet coming along? I need closet clean out inspiration. I need to be ruthless, but end up being overwhelmed.

    • Omg! Wait until u see what my room looks like with most of the closet out! I am a hoarder! I am purging but was very much overwhelmed and on the verge of tears! I am being ruthless! Its got to go! I just have to tell myself how much better I will fill with it gone! If I need sonething I will get it for a project but then toss or donate when done! No more saving! Its horrible! Will show tomorrow what I am facing! Gah!!!!!

  3. I could hear it in your voice when you showed the closet. I know exactly how you feel because I have a matching closet. I open the door thinking I need to clean it out and then I close it again because it’s just too overwhelming. It’s still one of my 2017 goals so I’m going to tackle it the same way I’ve been tackling the rest of the house. In 15 to 30 minutes a day. I’ve gotten rid of so much stuff already by breaking it down that way. Hang in there. Your place looks really pretty, so open and breezy and the couch is a real find for $50. Hope you’re feeling OK and that you can keep the flare up at bay.

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