Overwelming is an Understatement!

This last three days has been a real eye opener for me!  

This doesn’t even show how bad it really was!  It felt completely devastating!

This came from my closet! Some came from the large brown dresser I moved into my kids room.

 I am completely freaked out about it.

My kid had to talk me down as I am now convinced I am a hoarder.  But:

The fact is this:  or at least this is my story and I am sticking to it:  

I started crafting and playing in mixed media art 2 years ago.  So for 2 years I have been on the hunt for crap to use in my “art”.  

This is not working out for me!  Its really awful and I decided that most of it has to go!  So a lot of what you see has already been boxed up and donated!

Some of it has been moved to the garage for a sale.

From now on, If I need something for a project I will get it, use it and then toss it!  No more saving!  Its not worth it to me!

I finished with the first pass.  I also got some pretty boxes to help store the keep stuff.  Now I just have to go thru again and purge now that it is more manageable.

So if you are in need of a good closet purge, pull up your hair, grab a glass of your fav beverage, put on some James Tayor and be ruthless.

Its just stuff and it can be replaced on an as needed basis!  

I can’t wait to give it another pass through on Friday and then I will post a reveal!  

I gotta wash the curtains and all that first!

I think just pulling it all out and doing it the way I did is not for sissys!  Its like jumping in the deep end to see if you can swim!


Have a great day and can’t wait to share the results soon!




4 thoughts on “Overwelming is an Understatement!

  1. Oh my, I think I know how you feel. I don’t think I’ll make big closet changes until 2 years. I currently have school clothes, casual clothes, concert clothes, and way too much of all of it. In 2 years I’ll be casual everyday. I love that picture on the wall – it is so tranquil – that is my wish for your room. Can’t wait to see your reveal.

  2. DebtGirl, I’m tired/scared just looking at what you did 🙂 Aren’t you supposed to be staying stress free right now?
    BTW – Now I can officially say “Happy Belated Birthday”.

    • Thank you! It was horrible but would be even more stressful if I didnt tackle it now. At work I have been schlepping computers and at home I have been doing this.

      The worst part is over in both aspects.

      Now I just get rid of stuff and put it in the garage one box at a time.

      Its good to get this all done now, before I get it painted!

      Once thats done, ahhhhhh!

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