Total Savings:  63%

Hi guys!  I am not ready to reveal the condo yet because I need to sweep and mop!  Can’t wait to share the first pass of cleaning and purging.

My handyman and his wife came by to give est on painting the place.  Will get that number soon.  Fingers crossed its reasonable.  He is avail in July.

In the meantime:

I am so happy to share this savings I got from the market last night!

I paid $32.00 for $88.00 worth of groceries!

I had a ton of free items from the Monopoly game, including 3 32 oz bags of shredded cheese that went into the freezer.

Yesterday morn I had coupons for 15 doughnuts and picked them up for the office.

The were generous this year.  Can’t wait for next year!

Hope all is well!




4 thoughts on “Total Savings:  63%

  1. looking forward to seeing the reveal! Great job on the savings. I went to a store that has the Monopoly game a few weeks ago when we did a bunch of stock up shopping and spent like $300. The guy handed me this HUGE stack of the game tickets! I guess I should have asked for the game/board to stick them all on. I got several free items – can you get them all at once in one trip? I only go there like once a month and will be making a trip this weekend.

    • Yes! You can. The game is winding down here and they are not handing out tickets anymore but we have until the 39th to use them. Free food household items! Can’t beat it! 👍🌸🌺

      • awesome, thanks for the reply. I have coupons for free bagel or donut, free aluminum foil, free hamburger buns and free yogurt. Might as well get them 🙂

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