Reveal Sort Of

Hi guys!  Hope you are having a relaxing weekend!

I am so exhausted myself.  Between last week at home and work being so physical, its been rough.

I did want to share a little walk thru though.

I still feel its crowded.  I moved so much out of my closet and room, I dont understand why so crowded still!  Even the big dresser has been moved but it still feels awful to me.

I never EVER want a huge craft room because it will just get filled up.  Maybe a small shed?

I think I will try to do another pass and get rid of what I can before garage sale next weekend!

My brother sent me a home depot card so off to get a few things and stop at Dollar Tree this aftrenoon.  I didnt leave the house yesterday!

Check out the sort of “reveal”.  I just wish it looked and felt like I envisioned!  😔

Have a great rest if your weekend.
I think it will get there!




2 thoughts on “Reveal Sort Of

  1. Your condo looks so nice ! I have the same problem, too much stuff, and have been going through it when I can. Work has been so busy that I’ve had little time at home but today I took a vacation day. Seeing the results of your place is inspiring. I have a huge list to get done over my weekend, so I better get started. Hope you have a good weekend.

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