Four More Months!

Can you believe it?  Pinch me.

Things are crazy!  Kids getting ready for graduation!  Her Prom is tomorrow night!  She is going to look beautiful.

She is doing her own hair and makeup.  She got a dress online for $65.00.  She’s using a pair of black heels she already owns.

I bought the boy a boutineer, will pic that up tomorrow.  I insisted she get the dress pressed, will pick that up too.  She needs some press-on nails, lashes, some sterling silver CZs and I think she will be all set!

She makes the cheap nails look professional.  

She also does a wonderful job on her makeup and hair!  I offered to take her someplace but she didnt want to!  Fine with me!

I just found this old post!  I can not believe how far we have come.

My kid was still in middle school.  Still in after school care even.  Now she is an adult!  Its been a long, long journey!

I am staying busy, doing art!  Can’t post pics here for some reason.  A storage issue I need to fix.

Anyway the key is to stay busy, don’t dwell and try to find some normalcy in you life!

I will touch base soon!

Hope you are all well.



9 thoughts on “Four More Months!

  1. Congratulations to your and your daughter for both of you reaching where you are! Your daughter is going to look beautiful and I hope she has a wonderful prom night! And’ve come a long way baby, who can believe only 4 months to go. Have you signed on to Pacer yet? If not, it’s time to…you’ll want to watch as the status on your plan updates (and it’ll start changing sooner than you think). I hope you and your daughter both have a fantastic rest of this weekend!!!

  2. Hope your daughter had a great time at prom. Yay for her being practical with the prep for it. I remember reading about when you were always driving her to middle school. Doesn’t seem that long ago, time certainly passes!

  3. Congrats on the prom! Mine youngest has hers this week too..I can’t believe how time flies…enjoy this week!

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