Take a Hike!

Come walk with me!




5 thoughts on “Take a Hike!

  1. love the hike. You are so funny in your videos.
    Question, at which point during your payments did you find out how many in total you had? I am paying my full debt amount off and my lawyers still haven’t told me my amount. I’m approaching my 6th payment but i don’t know how many i have left? Did your lawyers spell out your total plan?? I’d love to know how many payments i have left so I could at least do a countdown like you do. 😦

    • Hi there! Thanks for stopping by! I think I would take the full amount of your debt and divide it by your payment amount!

      If you are in 100% payback and you know your set payment and full debt amount that should give you how mant payments to pay it off!!

      Good luck and keep in contact!

      • Thank you . So I reached out to my attorney and he gave me the NDC website to keep track of my payments and claims and see who has been paid. Right now I am in a little bit of shock as I have just discovered some very good news. Quite a bit of my creditors did not come forward by deadline. Which means my payment plan ends much sooner. Despite having to be in a Chapter 13 – I have something to CELEBRATE! 6 payments in – 14 more to go.

          • Correction – 19 more to go. I did some math’ing (so bad at it, obviously or I wouldn’t be in this mess!) on the claimed account balances and divided from there. I am waiting for my attorney to reconfirm but my mistake was thinking the balance i had left now was my total balance even with payments I’ve made so far included, but its not. Hey -I’ll still take it. And I’m so excited for your countdown to come to an end. You’re almost at the finish line.

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