Holy Crap!  I knew it was gonna be hard but this is redic!

June kicked my butt!  

400.00 portable AC

600.00 car repair daughter

300 car repair me

300 Gracie Vet

300.00 college expense

Like OMG Please July!  I have to catch my breath!

But… the other day my washer stopped right in the middle of a cycle!!!  I played with knob, kicked it then walked off.   Half hour later I did the same and it started back up!

So yeah that might happen!

I just keep looking at the calender and praying to get to the last payment as a still mentally functioning human being!

The five year chapter 13 is too long!  Its mentally and physically draining!

I would not do it again to be honest!

But lets see if I dont change my tune once its over! 😁




17 thoughts on “Crawling

  1. Holy cow, those are some crazy expenses. I hope the BK allowed you to keep a bit of an emergency fund. Glad you are nearing the end of this. I was listening to Clark Howard and I can’t remember the percentages he quoted, but most people don’t make it to the end of the 5 year BK. I soooo hope the housing market does well in CA and you make a killing on the condo. Sell when it’s nice and cool outside:)

    • Only about 30% of Chapter 13 filers make it successfully but a lot convert to Chapter 7.

      I have no savings but I have been working so much overtime and adjusted my withholdings. The OT is killing me but I plan to do it as long as I can!

      Next month is a 3 paycheck month.. thx goodness!

      • what do you have left over after bills and chap 13? my lawyer was like “you’ll have 2k left over for everything else” its really close to 1900 after bills and paying chap 13. and doesn’t include bills that go up (a/c) or any miscellany like badly needed repairs on things around the house. 😦 forget about everything else.

  2. You’re heading into the final gate now DebtGirl. You’ll be at the end before you know it. Hold on may be rocky but you keep making it happen!

  3. You are so close! I will be finished April 2018 and cannot wait! I had to get a new transmission on my car last month. I had to borrow the money from my brother. I hate to wish time away but April cannot get here fast enough. I just found your blog and wish I had found it when I first filed. It’s good to hear from others in the same boat.

    • Hi Broke! Five years? Man I know what you mean. I have been wishing the last 5 away. I thought if I could go to sleep and wake up in 5 I would gladly have made that trade off.

      I think its mostly just the stress and uncertainty that makes us so anxious, like anxious on steriods!!! Its crazy nerve wracking.

      Congrats on getting almost there. It will be unreal when you are finally in the discharge year, for you 2018! Its a good feeling.

      Yes almost there, and this year has been crazy with kid 18 and college and cars and EVERYTHING! Insane crazy!

      Keep in touch and welcome!

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