You Have Got To See This!

Heres my kids bed:

Right across from my bed:

There is a curtain ( ah hem) sheet 

hanging so that the cool air provided by this:

Is not lost down the hall!  I swear its another freaking country its so hot back there!

This is on my stove:

Yeah that cost a couple bucks at a thrift store, I have always wanted to try it!

But just one more time can I tell you how over this I am?

Tomorrow bad news coming! 

I swear!!!   This is not for wussies!!!

Ok so the dehydrator is a small distraction but with my luck it will burn the place down!  

Oh wait,that could be good!




8 thoughts on “You Have Got To See This!

  1. that’s super clever!!!! You should see the plastic my husband hung up under ours (in walls) which is leaking water- tons – on super humid days. We catch it in a bucket. During the days of credit- we’d have called weeks ago- but saving that $$$ – We have to call a service tech and I’m afraid of what that will cost.

  2. You are very creative DebtGirl! I hope it helps cool your home.
    Not really bad news I hope. I’m waiting for the day you jump up and down with fantastic news!
    Have a great day!

  3. If you don’t have a door there, a sheet works just fine. Every summer I would close the door to the hall and the stairs and upstairs just to keep the ac in bedroom, living room and kitchen. No use cooling the whole place or trying to cool it. The bananas are too thick. If they dry, only the outside will dry and the inside will be soft. This is called case hardening. The inside will then mold. Doesn’t the dehydrator heat the house?

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