Off to College – Empty Nest

It is official I am an empty nester!


I worried this whole time (the last five years in BK) how all of this would play out! All of these things are so costly and being in a Chapter 13 on a tight-ass budget is no easy feat!
Here is a list of the BIG things that I had to worry about:
• High school sports and tournament costs
• Tutoring for the ACT test
• Driving lessons
• Getting a driver’s license
• Purchasing a car with no credit or me being able to cosign
• Car insurance, maintenance and gas
• Senior pics, cap, gown, and celebration
• Prom dress and celebration
• Eighteenth birthday celebration
Now tack on college tuition/books as well as housing and allowance as she is living near her college. She drove 100 miles a day to get to and from campus until she moved and it was too much driving and very scary.

It has been a crazy row to hoe, but we are almost there.
I cannot begin to tell you how this journey has taught me the value of a dollar and how to be so frugal that you can make anything happen.
Now this weekend I have to go to her area and thrift store shop for a dresser and a bed. Hopefully, I can find something online.
OMG… Listen to this. She left me 4 huge bags of clothes to donate when she left. I went through them and realized I could probably sell them. I hopped online and sold all the bags as a bundle and got $120.00! Now that will go toward her furniture. I did not tell her that I sold her clothes but then next time she comes home I will see if she has anything else to “donate”. 😉
I will post soon as this all plays out.




9 thoughts on “Off to College – Empty Nest

  1. So glad to see a post from you, as I hadn’t noticed one in a while. You have come through so much! Is your daughter able to be on the golf team at the community college she is attending? Where do you plan to live if you sell your condo before you retire? You are on the home stretch now!

  2. Wow..big change! I hope your daughter likes her new place – I really understand the stress of that huge drive.
    You’ve come a long way Debt Girl and you’ve done a great job holding it together and making things happen. Only a couple more months and you’ll be breathing a huge sigh of relief! That was very resourceful selling the clothes to help pay the cost of the new expenses – that’s what resourcefulness is all about. Good luck getting your daughter settled and running that final length to the finish line!

  3. Congrats on the new changes for both of you! My youngest leaves in September for college…my husband and I can’t wait ! 🙂 🙂 then again this is our third child and we realize they have a habit of coming back to the nest sometimes 🙂

  4. Congratulations on growing that girl into a woman! And i’m super impressed with all you do to make things happen!!

  5. Congratulations to your daughter for taking that next step and to you for how far you’ve come, hoeing that row. After all these years learning the same lessons, being called frugal to me is a great compliment. I hope that you feel the same. Every once in a while, I’ll read your older posts. I hope you do too because, wow, that row of yours has been so challenging and you’ve managed it so well.

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