“That’s Cheap!”  Huh?!?

Hi guys!  It’s so funny how are persoective changes as we learn our lessons!

A Great example:

Saturday on my way to visit my kid and get her a new twin bed, I decided to stop at some garage sales!  It was early so why not!

I immediatly found a bed set!  $25.00 for everything.  Unfortunatly kid didnt like the headboard.  

So I got back on the road and decided to stop by the Salvation Army where we got her last mattress, brand new.


The cost of a mattess, boxspring and frame:  just over $200.00!

When I told a friend they said “wow thats cheap!”

Um not compared to 25.00.  Fortunatly I took the lady’s number and I called her and I set it up so my kids dad could pick it up the next day! 

Now that is CHEAP!  The mattress was only 2 years old and in perfect condiotion.

I got a topper and sprayed it with Lysol anyway!

Because she still needs a laptop!  Well, I took care of that too!  $200.00 at Best Buy.  They had a one day sale to compete with Amazon Prime.  Its a Lenovo.  Its not the Mac Book that all the other kids have but my kid is fine with that.

I need to do a few things to it before I give it to her but its great!!!

There is always ways to make things happen if you don’t expect to buy the best or the top of the line.

Sometimes I feel like the less expensive options are actually the best option, even if I were rolling in it.

I still have tuition and books to worry about!

Thank god I don’t need anything that I don’t already have!

If you are just starting out this journey just be wise, live and have a nice life, get what you need, but also get what you want!  You have to make this livable!

Now go get some gladiolas at the market, they are $2.00!!!




4 thoughts on ““That’s Cheap!”  Huh?!?

  1. $25 is a steal! WTG!!! $200 for Lenovo is great! My brother works on computers at Intel and his laptop is that same cheap brand. I figure if it’s a good enough brand for a computer nerd……

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