Three Months & Two More Payments!

Can you freaking believe it??

Guys!  Its getting there!  Its happening!

Now if we don’t get into WW3 it should all be ok!

But with my luck…




21 thoughts on “Three Months & Two More Payments!

  1. I CAN freaking believe it!!!!! Believe it or not, it’s gone fast!!!! Have you finished the 2nd finance course (or did you do them both at the start?). If you were on Pacer you would see the about to close message!!1 I’m so happy for you. How is your daughter enjoying her new school and home?

    • I logged in and on the status page it didnt show anything.

      Oh well it will happen when it happens and yes, I took them both up front but they are a piece of cake and no big deal if I have to take them again.

      Almost there!!!!

      • Hi again…it may update once they receive your latest payment. In Pacer, there is a list of filed documents. The courses you took should be listed (in the documents from 2012). Let the final countdown begin.

  2. That’s awesome! I am so happy for you! I have 8 more to go and find that time is really dragging. Just can’t wait to get there and am nervous about what could go wrong between now and April. The anxiety, regret and sleepless nights are horrible. Just can’t wait for this to be over.

  3. Pacer is used by the court for EVERYONE. It is not selective. Try again tomorrow. Let me know if you need details on the website, etc.

    • Thank you One! You have been here from the very beginning! I love you for that girl! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

      I could not have done it without the blog and support!


  4. OMG! I followed you at the beginning, checked in at the middle and for some reason you popped into my head today! Great news to be heard…we are 32 month post Chapter 13 and basically debt free. The biggest issue we have had is playing catch up on repurchasing all the things we had to allow to fall apart, replacing things we had to sell or give away because of moving 2x in 2 years. BUT my impulsive spending DH is now the one that takes forever to make a decision to spend money while I am the one still saying NO to CC’s. They have no purpose in our life, we have an Amazon Store Card, PayPal Credit and CareCredit in which to build our credit. We rent (and love it), I lease my car (and love it), savings and the ability to help out friends, family and special causes dear to us.

    Again, Congratulations! you are almost there….

    • I remember you ofcourse! I think I will be the same way when I am out.

      You can’t unlearn this lesson. Its impossible to go back to the old spending habits after so long.

      I was just looking at my budget today and I cannot wait to recoup my payment. Ofcourse now it is taken up with my kids rent and utilities.

      I think I can get a weekend job even this next season!!!

      Because I have more than my share to of broken down and busted stuff!!!!

      Lol 👍❤️🌺🌸


  5. so happy for you…. It’s been a long hard road but you did it. You really deserve a lot of cheers!! BTW, did I miss your daughter moving out??? I didn’t see anything about that. My son was all set to go to SFSU next week but then the reality of $25,000 in Student loans for his senior year set in so he backed out. He will take an online course from them so at least he’s moving forward. It’s just so tough when you can’t just pay for your kid’s education. 😦

    • Hi Chris. There were so many tears on her part for not getting to go to Iowa to play golf and in my part for not being able to help her go to a 4 year here either! It was so sad!

      But within hours she decided on a JC that is far enough away and she got in the golf team!!!

      She is sharing a house, 2 kids per room, with 10 other kids who are all going to the same college!

      She moved a couple weeks ago, cause she stared taking a summer class and the drive was horrible. So yep, she moved.

      Its the best of both worlds. I am paying for it out of pocket and her rent is split with her dad. I still need to make sure I can cover it in case he flakes.

      Its tight! $$$ As soon as discharge might get a seasonal job just to help a little.

      So happy we went the JC route but so disappointed that this is what we had to do because of REDIC COSTS!

      Good luck with your son!


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