23 Days!

Hello Hello!

I am here, I am busy and I am so excited!

23 Days from now will be my 5th year anniversary for the day I filed for a Five Year Long Chapter 13 Bankruptsy!  FIVE YEARS AGO!


It was one of scariest things I have ever done!

Throughout the whole process it did not get any easier!  I sustained the fear of failing every single day!  

Even to this day, with basically only weeks to go I still fear something could happen to wipe out the last 5 years hard work.  

My brain is funny like that.

So to combat it I continue to put one foot in front of the other and do what needs to be done.  

Shortly into it I realized I had no choice but to make it work, and its working!

I just wanted to stop by and say hello!  I have been busy and time is finally flying!

Lots to share soon!  

Thanks for sticking it out with me!




5 thoughts on “23 Days!

  1. Glad to see your post. Was hoping all was going well as you head down this home stretch. These 23 days will probably fly by, so be sure to stop, smell the roses and enjoy coming to the end of your journey. Looking forward to seeing your completed payment chain.

  2. The mortgage company tried to sue me for more money after I had made the last payment, saying I had not paid enough! They reported how much I owed on my house, and the judge threw out the case. All this happened without my knowledge. I never knew it until I saw my bankruptcy attorney for the last time. I still almost had a stroke even though it was all over. My car and house both went into the bankruptcy plan. That is scary!

  3. Fingers crossed for you, lady!

    Play it conservatively during these last few weeks. Put up a big sign in your condo with the amount of debt you had before you started this process – the amount of debt that is gone at the end of this.

    Think of how far you’ve come. Only about one third of people who file for chapter 13 succeed. You’re about to be one of them. You’re incredibly strong and capable to have gotten this far.

    Prayers for you. Let me know if you need anything in this final stretch.

  4. So pleased it’s nearly at an end for you, have been following along with your journey. I imagine the relief for you will be enormous. πŸ™‚

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