It’s Getting So Close!

Just one more payment!!!

Sorry I have been MIA lately but I have really gotten into my arts and crafts and it sure is way more fun to focus on than the daily grind of this BK!

Its so close now!!!  Next month should prove to be interesting!

This weekend I plan to clean out the garage and get it ready to use as storage as I gear up to sell.   That is my goal!  Just get out of the condo before the market takes a dive!

I will post before and after pics of the garage this weekend.

Other then that just plugging along!




13 thoughts on “It’s Getting So Close!

  1. This has been a true marathon for you. Make a finish line out of that chain and crash through it. Gold medal, girl – I’m super proud of you!!!

    • Hi One! I cant wait for the discharge! That willbe the big one! But the last payment is great cause I am paying part of my kids rent! Everything has gone up except my income! Only 2% in five years!!!!

  2. So happy for you! love to see an update on how your daughter is doing in school. Is she playing golf at the CC? How much do you think the market has gone up on your condo? I’m excited for you, but you must be ecstatic to be at the end of your BK!

    • Hi Sandra! Yes she is playing golf and doing so well! I am very proud of her! I have sizable equity and plan to sell imediatly after discharge to get it out! I am already packing! I am beyond ecstatic!!! Xoxo

  3. Job well done, Debit Girl! Its been long road for you. You should be so proud of yourself. Can’t wait to hear about the next chapter in your life. Also, I want to say thanks for being there. It was great having to some to reach out to when I started down this Chapter 13 road.

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