I can hardly believe we are here!  This has been and probably will remain the most difficult part of my life.  At least I hope so!  I do not want to have to endure this kind of stress for this amount of time again! Ever!

My last payment is this month!  OMG!   I just typed that!  Pinch me!

It has not actually been taken out of my acct but its there and I have registered it in my check book.

So now I wait!  I know that it can take a while for things to actually start happening but I will keep you posted!

Get ready for a party!!!




40 thoughts on “LAST PAYMENT!

  1. How wonderful! You must be so proud, and deservedly so. Enjoy your well-deserved party! I haven’;t dropped in for a while and am so thrilled I did today. Thanks for the lift!!

  2. YAY!!!! I am so excited for you! I have followed you since day one. I miss your posts and hope you come back to daily blogging. You have so much to look forward to now. Thank you for sharing your journey!

  3. This is like the final scene from “The Music Man”. All seventy six trombones and one hundred coronets lined up to march in River City. Then who steps out to lead the band? DebtGirl! Oom Pah Pah up and down the square! You have earned it.

    Best wishes from Best Bun.

  4. YAY – is it official??? Balloons, confetti, break the finish line tape. I’m so happy for you, and proud of you! Well done, Out Of Debt Girl!!!

  5. Hi DebtGirl, I know the 2nd mortgage takes time, but you’re discharged now aren’t you??? (except the behind scenes stuff which don’t affect you)?????????

    • Hi there! No discharge yet, it could take months.

      But I am busy packing and getting ready to paint my place! I am so ready to move onto the next chapter! Chapter 14 lol!!!

      Will post as soon as something new happens!

      Its just a waiting game now!


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