Hello Hello!

I received a copy of the notice letter from the Trustee that they routinely send out at the end of a BK 13 informing all parties involved that we intend to Disharge!

All parties have 14 days to respond and object!

If there is no response, the Disharge is granted and the case is closed!

In my case I have a lien strip!  The next step is to file that and record that in my county and then I am officially DONE!

As soon as that happens we can have our party!!!

In the meantime Happy New Year!!


Soon to be No DebtGirl

woo hoo!  So close!!!!!!







15 thoughts on “Update!

  1. You are so close now..that letter is just a formality…there won’t be any objections!!! 2018 is going to be your year!!!!!

    • NOPE! 😢😢😢

      I am just sitting here
      WAITING and so is my atty.

      We have heard nothing, its starting to really scare me!

      But I am sure everything will close, its just so close!

      I keep thinking the worst when my mind wonders!

      Promise to post the minute I get word!


  2. Don’t worry…I’m just one of the cheerleaders waiting for the end..i’m sure with it being a holiday yesterday, might be a slight (1/2 day delay). Have you looked on Pacer???? Might be a note in there from your trustee.

    • Hello Mandy! It is a daunting process but just change your spending habits to reflect your budget.

      One of my biggest things was to get busy and stay busy and try not to obsess about it.

      Once you file its a done deal, you have no choice but to make it work!

      So find a cheap hobby and stay really busy!


      • Thanks! I am trying! Unfortunately I have an annoying ex husband who is really trying to get every last penny of a court ordered money judgement and nothing can really move forward until he agrees to something..
        I have a house full of books..i decided to start reading ..thats free right!

        • Mandy, No Debt Girl is so right about the budget. The budget is a huge part of this process. I know my budget is tight. Overspending in one area causes me to have to short something else. I would also suggest in your budget, thinking about expenses that don’t happen monthly. Example, My HOA bill isn’t cheap so I make sure i part aside money monthly for that. I am always thinking about expenses that are coming up in the next six months. You will also figure out what really needs to be your budget and what doesn’t. I decided I had a better place for my cable tv money to go. Been living without it for about two years. This is my 24th month of this program and the months leading up to what the trustee wanted for a payment were super hard, after that it has gotten better.

        • Yup thats free and the library is your friend, they have free movies too!

          I have a list of things that I do that really helped me out on one of the static pages!

          You got this!!!

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