Hi guys!  Still not a word!  Everyday I check my mail and everyday not a word!

I think I will send an email to my atty if I dont hear anything by Friday!!!

I am getting ansi!

Heads up!  In October of this year I  am going to let the domain name go. will no longer be active.

I think it has served its purpose. I would like to invite you to contact me at

Please drop me a line at:

PO Box 3282

Thousand Oaks Ca  91359

I feel very close to many of you and would like to stay in touch.

Don’t worry!  We still have out Discharge Party coming up!!

Keep your fingers crossed that happens soon!








8 thoughts on “Crickets!!!

  1. Fingers are crossed for you. I can well imagine how hard it is to wait for word after how long it took to get to your finish line. Hope you’re doing ok and not close to where they had all the mudslides.

  2. Hi Debtgirl,
    Maybe your trustee does discharges one day of the month. In my case the trustees discharge date was the 2nd of the month. It might just be that. Have you looked on NDC or Pacer…NDC would show awaiting discharge.
    Hope you’re having a good 2018.

    • Hi there!

      Not in the mudslide area! My kid is close but ok.

      Watching the market but debating if I should actually wait!

      We shall see!

  3. I also wanted to know how your daughter is getting along at college/uni I have kids similar ages, one in grade 12 almost there

  4. So happy for you! But I am sure it is hard to wait for the official notice. How did you fare with the fires and mud slides? Hope they were not in your area. Still planning on listing the condo soon? Thanks for sharing your journey us. You need a new domain and blog “Life after BK!” 🙂

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